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Remember: SIA Licensed Security operatives do not have any statutory rights to conduct searches!


Under normal circumstances police have required to have reasonable grounds for a stop and search and should not be biased towards a particular person or group.

What is stop and search?

Police have statutory powers to stop and question civilians at any time – and they can search you depending on the situation.

Police offices are required to have ‘reasonable grounds’ of suspecting you are carrying illegal drugs, a weapon, stolen property or a tool that could be used to commit a crime such as a screwdriver.

You may be stopped and searched without reasonable grounds if it has been approved by a senior police officer.

This can happen if it is suspected that serious violence is about to take place or if you’re carrying a weapon.

What is Section 60?

Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 allows a police officer to stop and search a person without suspicion.

 Please be advised that a *Section 60 (stop and search without the need for reasonable grounds)* has recently been authorised  due to recent shootings and knife attack in LONDON. 

This action was implemented in several violence hotspots back on 08/03/2019 the areas affected are as follows:

Croydon, Tottenham, Tower-Hamlets, Newham, Southwark ,  Greenwich and Bexley areas.

Section 60 has also been triggered in Birmingham following 3 stabbings (09/03/19) outside Medleys club in Northfield.

Please share this notice  and advise young persons to be careful out there and thank you for your continued support.

Security operatives can only search with prior consent!



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