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Islington SIA Training

SIA course in Islington

SIA Badge, SIA Course

Islington is full of security related job opportunities. We focus on giving you up-to-date knowledge and real-world experience, so you’ll be ready to launch your career with confidence.

Our tutors come from the Private Security industry and maintain links within the sector, ensuring you benefit from their knowledge and insight.

In2 Security constantly invests and improves in the latest training materials, ensuring that you benefit from the best training environment on offer.

Every customer is unique and every situation is different. We work closely with you to develop valuable expertise that readily translates into trust. That’s why were the peoples choice. So come visit your local SIA training centre in Islington London today!

Completing your SIA training course in Islington will guaranty new and exciting opportunities in the thriving West Midlands security industry. Your duties will involve barrier operation, access control, patrols, writing reports and other security duties such as working in control rooms, receptions and lobbies etc. To qualify to apply you must be:

  1. Must have at least one form of photographic ID and proof of address.
  2. Aged 18 or older although there is no upper age cap.

The role of security in Islington

SIA Badge, SIA Course


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Our tutors are well informed and practice continual professional development with more than 10 years of experience working in the industry. Contact us today to take the first step towards your new vocation.


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