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Working in the private security industry test one

Don’t put yourself in the customer’s position’ is one of the Six Golden Rules of Customer Care.
An electrical fire would fall into which Fire Category?
A powder fire extinguisher would be shown by displaying which colour on the Fire Extinguisher?
The definition of the word ‘Risk’ is:
A green sign with a white symbol means:
What is the first thing someone should consider when lifting a heavy object?
The offence of committing or having committed an act where he steals and at the same time puts/ seeks to put any person in fear of being subjected to force’ is the definition of:
You can not ask a person to empty their own pockets and bags during a consensual search as there may be something in there that will harm them.
Genetics contribute to your Personal Values.
A Door Supervisor denies someone access to their club as they are heterosexual. What act are they operating against?
Which governing body is a regulatory authority for the security industry in the UK?
’Loss prevention' is not the job of a security officer.


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