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Megan Phipps

Megan Phipps

Former Door Supervisor and Security Guard - Current Tutor/Trainer at In2 Courses.

SIA Course vs SIA Training

What is the difference between SIA Training And SIA Courses?

 Courses are usually about learning the theory. Historically, a course is designed to reinforce knowledge in which you already have some sort of foundation. For example, when you are in primary education (first school), you usually have a basic understanding of the English language, but you still learn English. Its not often that a SIA training provider teaches you everything from scratch, apart from the theory that you learn.

Training gives you the skills to do something rather than just know about something in principle. Training can be specific to your need, your vocation or your skills-gap. SIA training centre’s are there for people who want to improve a specific ability or further their ability in the private security sector.

Consider the following when you’re looking to take a SIA course:


  • Are you looking for a course in a foundation subject?
  • Do you want to gain a specific qualification you cant find elsewhere?
  • Would you tend to find the type of course you’re looking for traditionally in an educational institution?


  • Are you looking to learn a specific skill for work?
  • Do you want to apply the knowledge you gain practically?
  • Would you tend to find the type of course you’re looking for traditionally in a commercial setting?

The landscape of learning and training has advanced greatly since the 90s, due to the introduction of the Private Security Act 2001 universal access to training courses has become widely available.

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