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Security Guard Training Northampton

Get a Security Guard Licence in Northampton.

So you want to work as a security officer in Northampton? Well, the process is relatively simple. First things first you’ll need to book a 3-day SIA course in security guarding, we currently offer 3 types of SIA course at our Northampton training centre including security guard training. So how do you know that the SIA security guard training is the right course for you? The easiest way to work this out is to think about what environments you want to work in.

For example, pubs like the Squirrels Inn on Main Street or supermarkets like Tesco Mereway will require you to obtain a door supervision licence. Security guards can work in most security roles excluding licensable activities taking place on licensed premises.

 Under the licensing act, 2003 premises that sell hot food after 11 pm or serve/sell alcohol by retail are deemed licence premises. Some of Northampton largest employers of security guards included institutions like the NHS, St Andrews and Northampton University.

How to get an SIA Licence and become a Security Guard in Northampton.

Once you’ve successfully passed your security officer training and received your course results your details will be uploaded to the SIA. The next step is the application, visit the SIA website and create an account. After your online application has been submitted you should verify your ID the post office.

However not all post offices in Northampton provide SIA licence services, you will need to go to the Post Office at 20 St Giles Steet, Northampton specifically.

SIA Security Guarding course Northampton

SIA Badge, SIA Course

An SIA Security Guard Licence is a card which shows that you have gone through the appropriate training and have achieved certification to work in the capacity of a security guard. In this day and age, when safety is a high priority in our country, security guard work is taken much more seriously than it has been historically. Working as a security guard now is similar to working as a police officer. In fact, security guard work is part of the infrastructure set up in our country to prevent crime and disorder. Northamptonshire Police deal with crimes when they occur, or catch people in the act of a crime, while a security guard’s role is to prevent crimes from happening in the first place. One could argue that security guard work (if done to its full potential) could be more important than police work since preventing the crime from happening in the first place is what is in everyone’s best interest. If this line of work interests you, and you are wondering how to get a Security Guard Licence in Northampton, you have come to the right place.

The primary duty of a security officer is to be visible in the location they are employed to protect. Their uniformed presence is a deterrent for criminal activity in on premises. The simple act of being seen in uniform can cause a person to think twice about committing a crime or engaging in any sort of criminal activity. Often this is why businesses and local government will pay a person, simply to be present. Security Officers portray a position of authority, when wearing their SIA licence which is also a legal requirement.

There are four basic words to describe the security officer duties: Detect, Deter, Observe and Report. 

The first requirement is to detect possible suspicious activity. During the SIA security guard training, candidates are trained to detect suspicious behaviour without stereotyping. Security officers are required to have a basic understanding of the Equality Act as it is an integral part of the course syllabus. It is important for a security officer to identify suspicious activity based on body language without making prejudgments. In the instance that suspicious activity is detected, the next responsibility if a security officer is to deter. 

This can be achieved by overtly presenting ones self to the potential crime seen, If that doesn’t work a secondary measure might be engaging the assailant or suspect with open questions, e.g can I help you with something? It may even mean making an arrest (which a security officer has the power to do under the PACE legislation) provided they have reasonable grounds not suspicion. 

In most instances Security Guards will be required to observe and report said crime to the proper authorities. Store detectives participate in suveilence working in conjuction with CCTV operators, government agencies and Northampton police.

One of the most important security officer duties (besides being visible) is to report accurate brief and concise statements or act as a witness. It is important for on duty security officers to carry a notepad a pen with them at all times so as to jot down relevant information that they may otherwise forget (license plate numbers, people’s names, phone numbers, descriptions, etc.) 

When communicating, particularly over the radio its important to use the phonetic alphabet, If you don’t already know it watch this video

Learn Your Phonetic Alphabet

The phonetic alphabet was created to ensure that letters are clearly communicated even when speech is distorted. Phonetic alphabet is sometimes referred to as International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet or the ICAO phonetic spelling alphabet. NATO phonetic alphabet was formed in the 50’s as part of the International Code of Signals which originally included visual and sound signals.

Security officer Licence Requirements

According to the Private Security Industry Act, 2001 a person wishing to become a security guard must be at least 18 years old, they must have a criminal background check done through both the SIA, and finally, they must complete a minimum of 32 hours’ worth of SIA Security Guard training. The training requirements are also laid out on Awarding bodies security’s fact sheet. The first requirement of Security Guard Licence training is to complete a 3-day training course prior to getting a level 2 security officer certificate. This course is called the “Level 2 Award for Working as a Security Officer within the Private Security Industry” course. It can’t be done online, unfortunately. You can, however, do it in person at our local training centre on Gold Street, Northampton  There is an exam at the end of the course, passing this exam is the requirement for applying to the Security Industry Authority for the (SIA) licence.
After the security guard training is completed and the test is passed, learners are required to submit their online application to the SIA directly  The total cost of the online application is £220.


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