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Door Supervision Training Milton Keynes

This SIA recognised Door Supervisor Course will enable you to apply to the SIA for a Security licence. You will then be able to start working in numerous roles and positions within the UK’s private security industry. Here at In2 security training our mission is to provide the best value security courses in the security industry. Because we have SIA training centres all over the country were well equipped to find the closest SIA course to suite you. 

The role of  Security Guards, Door Supervisors and CCTV operators is to guard Milton Keynes by providing security services. This is very fulfilling because our teams see the fruits of their labour first hand. We’re providing safety improvements on a daily basis creating happier and more fulfilled customers, clients and colleagues. Security work can be challenging at times, every day presents new challenges and plenty of stimulus.

Door Supervision, what are the benefits?

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Door Supervisor Training Milton Keynes

Get your Door Supervisor license at our Central Milton Keynes training centre on Silbury Boulevard. Start your new security career with In2. Come see for yourself why thousands of people are ditching the boredom of the traditional 9 – 5 job.

Due to the continued danger of extremism there is an on-going requirement for counter-terrorism and public security activities. This includes trained Door Supervisors and improved inspections in public buildings. Additionally, the industry has some degree of protection from adverse market conditions, given regulation on fire protection and the need to stop crime generally.

Milton Keynes provides numerous Door Supervision opportunities for work. The Theatre District, Xscape MK and the Hub are probably the most common venues that Door Supervisors work in. Its worth mentioning however that Door Supervisors are able to work as a Security Guard as well as Door Supervision roles making it the best value level 2 qualification on offer. In2 Security has opened a second SIA security training centre in Bletchley Southern Milton Keynes it is within 5 minutes walking distance from Bletchley bus and train stations. This will allow us to facilitate the demand for CCTV and Door Supervision courses in the area with added efficiency.



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We use innovative education programmes that are all inclusive with no hidden fees or costs. Furthermore we will help you to develop your career. Upon completion of your level 2 qualification we will work with you to gain employment in a licensable role. In2  security training continually strive to improve your experience, ensuring our customers have a time to remember.


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