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Conflict Management mock test 2

Practice Test 2 CM

You are on duty at the exit door of a venue. From the outside, a man approaches you and asks you to let him in so he can retrieve a handbag that his girlfriend has left in the venue earlier on in the night. You ask the male for proof that they have been in the venue but he does not have any. 

Which of the following is acceptable proof that the male might have been in the club at some point that night?

As the male has no proof of what he is saying is true, what action should you now take?

The handbag can not be found so the male becomes aggressive at the fact you are not letting him in. What has signalled that this is happening?

What action would you now take to deal with the male?

The male is insistent that his girlfriends’ bag is in the club still. How would you resolve the situation?


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