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The SIA is changing its requirements for identity documents when someone applies for a licence. As a result, the SIA will also require all SIA Training centres to make the same changes.

The SIA requires that these changes be implemented by centres from 1 March.

From 1 March, EVERY candidate MUST provide the following to their training centre:

  • One Group A document, AND
  • Two Group B documents.
  • At least one of the documents must show their date of birth.
  • All addresses shown on these documents must match the address the candidate gives to the SIA in their licence application.
  • The documents must be originals, not copies.
  • A full list of ‘Group A’ and ‘Group B’ documents is available on the website:https://www.sia.homeoffice.gov.uk/Pages/licensing-document-groups.aspx
  • Note that a driving licence (photo card) will accepted as a Group A document ONLY.  Candidates CANNOT use their driving licence photo card for Group B.


Furthermore, the same requirements will apply to all candidates applying for SIA licences, and training centres must advise our learners that this will be mandatory for all licence applications received by the SIA on or after the 15th February (not 1 March).

Our Candidate Information Sheets, and Handbooks, will be updated to reflect this change.



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