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Are Security licenses Required to Work in security?

When visiting a night club or bar, or attending an event, you tend to see door supervisors and event security staff. Most concerts and special events have a number of individuals that can be spotted in event or security uniform. The question is: Are there any requirements to get a security license for event security or bar and nightclub security?

The short answer is yes! It takes much more than a person putting on a shirt that reads “security” to become or act in

the capacity of a security officer. You must undergo the appropriate training, education and licensing is “required” in order for anyone to perform the duties other security cooperative i.e door supervisor or security guard.

Is a security license required to work security in the UK?

Yes, it is a criminal offence to carry out any scope of service regarding security-related work without a license – this includes store detectives and loss prevention officers, event staff, door supervisors, bodyguards or close protection operatives, CCTV offices, cash and valuables in transit guards and sometimes prison officers; if individuals are caught, they can be arrested.

Furthermore Its illegal to impersonate or pretended to be a security officer. Moreover if you’re caught carrying out a licensable activity without a SIA license, you could be in serious trouble. Under the private security industry act you could be fined up to £5000 or imprisoned for up to 6 months.

Some club owners/managers and event planners don’t see the potential threat of what could go wrong if customers or event goers are injured or claim “assault” by any of their security staff members performing security duties whilst unlicensed.

In this day and age, lawsuits are commonplace; it behooves all parties involved to spend the extra time and money necessary to obtain all that is required to get a SIA licensed or have those providing security services legally licensed.

Your establishment or brand (e.g. event/wedding planners) could end before it even takes off; you could be slapped with both criminal and civil suits, and the individuals acting as security personnel could face imprisonment and so on…

The reputation of a business is completely tarnished once the rumour mill begins about lawsuits filed against the business and unlicensed guards arrested for alleged assaults or wrongful detainment, etc.

A nightclub doorman was arrested for using excessive force. He was charged with previous bodily harm (GBH) and may face up to six years in prison.

Security license requirements for door supervisors and event staff

Formal training will greatly reduce the odds of having overzealous security operatives casting shade on the reputation of your venue; it will also provide them with the necessary skills to be able to respond correctly when dealing with conflict.

Some of the most valuable lessons are learned in hindsight; however, businesses who hire “security” and those whom assume the duties of security officers can’t afford to approach this situation in hindsight. Ensure all those who are performing licensable activities have an active license to do so.

If you require Door Supervisor, CCTV Officer or Security Guard training, feel free to contact us for guidance.

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